Why Lead Converter

Engage your visitors at the right time

  • Reach out to your visitors

    Multiple types of widgets are available: Survey, Discount offer, Top Bar, LightBox, InPageBox.
  • Send targeted messages

    You can display your widgets selectively to key visitor segments.
  • Real-time interactions

    Your visitors can respond to your messages instantly and engage in conversation.
  • Browsing history

    The browsing and conversion history of each visitor is available from your Dashboard.
  • Real-time analytics

    The real-time statistics enable you to measure the success of your campaigns.

Improve your website for better conversions

  • Customize look & feel

    Lead Converter widgets blend in with your existing website design and ensure the best UX for your visitors.
  • Refine your messages

    The A/B testing feature allows you to fine tune your messages and maximize your efficiency.
  • Unbranded widgets

    You can display unbranded widgets starting with the $5/month plan.
  • Instant notifications

    Get instant notification whenever your visitors start chatting with you.
  • Quick embedding

    No programming skills are required; it takes only a few minutes to start engaging your visitors.