How To Track Mailing List Conversions

Following my previous post about how to grow your emails list with LeadConverter, I'd like to show you now how you can track the number of new subscribers to your list and measure the efficiency of your campaigns.

You can do that for emails lists generated through LeadConverter widgets or using any other method you have implemented on your website or blog.

So, to track your email conversions and see how many of your visitors are subscribing to your emails, where are they coming from and what were they doing on your website before following your incentive to subscribe, you need to configure LeadConverter to get this data for you.

This is done in just a few steps which shouldn't take more than a few minutes, so you will start seeing the results in no time!

This is what you need to do:

1. First step is to create a custom “Thank you” page on your own website, to direct your subscribers to after they opt-in to your emails list and make sure that the LeadConverter tracking code is properly installed on this page.

Thank You Page

2. Next step is to make sure your mailing list provider is set to display your custom made “Thank you” page to all visitors that have completed the subscription process. Depending on the provider you use, this is done differently.

If you use MailChimp:

  • Navigate to the Lists page from the main menu.
  • Click on the Gear drop down and select the Forms link for the list you are working with.
  • Select the Signup Thank You Page from the drop down.
  • Once that's been selected, it'll give you a place where you can enter your own URL:

Mail Chimp Thank you page

For Aweber:

  • Navigate to the My Lists page.
  • Pass through to the last step of the process: Confirmed Opt-In.
  • Fill in the Confirmation Success Page URL with the URL of your Thank you page.

AWebber Thank you page

3. To define the mailing list conversion in LeadConverter you just need to navigate to the Account settings menu and create a new conversion from the Conversions tab.

Defining a new conversion is super easy in LeadConverter. You will be able to actually browse your website until you reach the “Thank you” page you previously created, click the “I'm done” button and… you're done.

Define Conversion

4. Finally, go to your Dashboard, select the corresponding conversion from the top-right drop-down list and voila!

All the data displayed on your Dashboard will be narrowed down to your email subscribers:


 That's it! Now you can start tracking your mailing list conversions, tweak your strategy and get more people to subscribe to that content you put so much effort into creating. Good luck!

Featured image credit: AJC1


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