Because conversion optimization doesn’t have to be difficult…

Lead Converter helps you display customized messages at the right time and for the right visitor segments in order to capture more leads. Our mission is to offer a simple and easy to use app, so you and your team can use it to streamline your workflow and concentrate only on how to improve your conversion rates.

Benefits of using Lead Converter

  • Capture leads
  • Get email sign ups
  • Promote blog posts
  • Display discount codes
  • Drive traffic
  • Sell products
  • Collect feedback
  • Survey visitors
  • Live chat

Maximize your conversions

So you can benefit from higher conversions and grow your business in a smart way, Lead Converter empowers you to display personalized widgets to your visitors before they exit the sales funnel. The hardest tasks as promoting an ebook or a product, getting email sign ups or driving people to a specific landing page, become dead easy with Lead Converter!

Unlock your website’s true potential

Stop wondering what keeps your visitors from converting into customers! Collect feedback from your visitors and customers regarding your website, products or services and take advantage of these valuable insights to discover your business’ true potential.

Amaze your visitors with beautiful, non-obtrusive widgets

Worried about annoying your visitors with Lead Converter widgets? Don’t be, Lead Converter offers you the possibility to display your widgets selectively to visitor segments according to the number of page views or the time spent on your website. Also, you can pick your own color scheme, font and border style so the widgets can perfectly blend in with your website.

Powerful real-time analytics stats at your fingertips

Lead Converter’s analytics dashboard is simple to understand and offers you insightful metrics about your visitors, conversions and revenue, so you can monitor real-time the evolution of your campaigns and quickly react to changes.

More happy clients with real-time notifications

Close the gap between you and your visitors with Lead Converter! Whenever a visitor starts chatting, you get an instant notification to start interacting in real-time and answer his questions before he loses interest in your product.

Display only efficient messages

Display different messages at the same time and refine them using the A/B testing option to discover the offers your visitors respond best to.
  • Unique features
  • Easy to use
  • Friendly UI
  • Quick setup
  • No installation
  • No coding skills required
  • Beautiful charts
  • Accurate data

Simple, yet effective feature set

With an unique and robust features set, Lead Converter is a reliable optimization tool that combines analytics data, A/B testing and several efficient widgets. This way, you can take advantage of the latest conversion techniques without having to spend lots and lots of money on improving your conversion rate.

Really simple and easy to use interface

Lead Converter has a simple UI that makes creating and managing your widgets effortless, thus offering you a enjoyable experience while using it to accomplish your daily tasks.

No installation headaches

Lead Converter is a web based app. There’s no software to install and it only takes a few seconds to create your account. You can start interacting with your visitors within minutes of creating your account.

Easy setup, no coding skills or HTML knowledge required

The setup process is a very simple one and usually takes less than 5 minutes. Simple copy and paste a small JavaScript snippet into your website’stag and you are ready to go.